Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Action Against Agrofuels

On Thursday 16th October, activists frorm Action Against Agrofuel disrupted the European Biofuels Expo and Conference 2008, the largest agrofuels expo in Europe. A group of activists disguised as delegates entered the expo hall, climbed the wall and dropped banners on the main entrance, The aim of the protest was to highlight the link between agrofuels expansion and deforestation and world hunger. As well as making exascerbating climate change through rainforest destruction, population displacement and associated human right abuses. The expansion of agrofuels has a led to a major increase in the price of the world main staple foods such as maize, rice and wheat.

For futher information on the pitfalls of agrofuels take a look at the biofuelwatch website.

Also, check bellow for a warning from the IMF about the dangers of biofuels.

And check out this guy explaing that the biggest problem he is experiancing in aid work is the biofuel drive price escalation of grain prices.

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Climate Change Action

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