Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Labour politicians 'not too pleased' about Heathrow.

News Flash: Labour Politicians are Developing a Conscience!

It's quite an interesting thing to see. Principled politicians. To be honest, this dosent suprise me as much as it suprises some people, but nice to see none the less.

Firstly, Labour MP Andy Slaughter, has quit his govornment job in order to continue his campaign against Heathrow.

Secondly, Labour councilor Cllr Mark Ereira-Guyernd is a party member member of over 20 years and he has given up trying to be a Labour MP swapping over to the Green Party.

Thirdly, Labour MP Virendra Sharma quit an unpaid government post to fight the plans.

These Labour Party members have set a great example for all those within the Labour Party who are opposed to Heathrows expansion. The next question is, will these MP's vote there conscience or there career. Labour Party whips have been strenuously trying to hold the party line.

[update: in the end, labour won the by 19 votes with only 28 of labour mp's who stated there opposition, voting that way]


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At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slaughter didnt quit government to lobby against Heathrow! He quit government so he can campaign for his new seat fulltime! He is running for the new Hammersmith seat. He has and will continue to neglect his constituents. Thank god he is leaving the government!


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