Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Build your own wind turbine workshop. Cambridge 5-7 June.

The idea is to build a wind turbine that can be used for Climate camp, EF! and other gatherings and local events, and for participants to acquire the knowledge to build their own turbines.

The cost for the weekend will be a sliding scale between £120-£200, food and
accomadation(camping) included.

V3 are an excellent group who are higly experienced in this field.

*Background to V3 Power:*
We are a DIY renewable energy cooperative, that focus on running courses
teaching people how to build renewable and appropriate technology. The wind
turbines we build are based on a design by Hugh Piggott, more details of which
can be found at www.scoraigwind.com <http://www.scoraigwind.com>
More information about V3 power can be found at www.v3power.co.uk

*The Wind Turbine:*
The design consists of 3 blades carved from wood, a permanent magnet alternator
consisting of two rotors which are steel disks with permanent magnets on them,
and a stator with hand wound copper coils, all cast in epoxy resin. Everything
is held together on a welded steel mounting. For a weekend course, we will be
building a 2.4m blade diameter, 500W power output turbine, to charge 12V

*Course Structure:*
The course should start on Friday evening, with a lecture giving an
introduction to the wind turbine, and general theory behind wind turbines. For
the following two days, the group will be split into 3 groups, rotating around
3 bases, this way getting an experience in all aspects of the turbine build.
Each session should last 2 hours, with a break inbetween for tea, coffee, lunch
or dinner. The course will culminate on Sunday with the turbine being
assembled on a stand.

*Course Participants*:
We can teach up to 12 people, which results in 4 per group, or 4 per instructor
which results in a good learning environment for the participants.

For further information contact :
markos[at]riseup.net amy[at]amyscaife.co.uk

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