Saturday, May 23, 2009

Climate Camp Ecuador!

At the moment as Marea Creciente (RT-Ecuador) is just begining with very few members (full time workers & students!), we're joining forces with other groups, which includes the national Indigenous movement.

First, to resist the big fossil fuel national battle against Mining on a Large Scale, which is an agressive project that the ecuadorian assembly and government are trying to put forward. We already had a collective public protest and hunger strike at the beggining of the year and another big one coming from all directions of
the country was stopped by the government forces, before people could gather at the capital.

The debate is reaching the press every time but the issue of 'finding a new road for the national economy' is still strong in the general public, including the miners. The Ecuadorian economy, after all our background as an exploited country is trying to reach an independence with the new government -which is, by the way, the most decent we have had in more than 25 years! Now the battle is to make people understand that we have to learn from other countries' experiences.

Second, and with a more optimistic ground is the creation of the first Climate Camp in Ecuador (!!), with Mining as the target. RT-Ecuador ( MC) is meeting almost every week with other groups and activists, to discuss the way to do this. There's desire to kick it out this year(!) which would be an amazing victory, although the greatest difficulty is achieving consensus about how to focus on the target and ,of course, the funding for the camp.

  • MC has already given a talk in the University about the Climate Camp; and in union with 'La Casita del Arbol' activists, a workshop about a foreign project for Mining in all SAmerica (!)
  • We have to thank to our local activists Centre for their support with a space for MC in their venue! Also thanks to the presence of one of our International-Rising Tiders to support the CCamp process!
  • The way of Direct Action in Ecuador, although has been always present (as in all LA), is a hard one, as our legal infrastructure is still too corrupt to give any guarantees to the people that they're gonna receive treatement in accordance with the law, if they're arrested. We still have a USA military base here, (which should be leaving the country in October by Ecuadorian government orders!) which means that CIA still have a comfortable chair around...

Many thanks to all global folks who, with amazing vibes, would like to visit us to give a hand! and our gratitude will be complete if you PLEASE CONSIDER NOT FLYING to our country!

Thank you all.
With Love and Solidarity,


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