Sunday, January 03, 2010

HoC Hearings on the future of the UK's Electricity Grid

The new Department of Energy and Climate Change oversight committee sitting in the House of Commons has been looking at the future of the UK's electricity grid "The Future of Britain’s Electricity Networks".

  • 1st April: Dr Michael Pollitt Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG); Professor Goran Strbac, Imperial College London; Dr Jim Watson, Sussex Energy Group
  • 22nd April: National Grid, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), Scottish Power, Energy and Utility Skills
  • 29th April:Renewable Energy Association, Scottish Renewables, BWEA, Association of Electricity Producers
  • 6th May: Electricity Northwest + Energy Networks Association + Institute for Energy and Technology
  • 2nd December: Ofgem
You can click on any of these in order to watch the full testimony. I`d really reccomend watching the first video. The people giving testimony are top rate electricity experts and it makes for an interesting discussion.

Mention is made of a book launch by Jim Watson's Colleagues at Sussex Energy Group. I have just ordered the book as i like Jim's message.

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At 6:44 AM, Anonymous mathewsteff said...

Its really now more necessary for the House of Commons to come up with better solution, as since to reduce the effect of global warming on the planet, there should be other alternatives to energy such as Solar Electricity and Power through Water.


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