Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August Climate Update: Events, Campaigns and Fundraising

A brief update on UK climate change campaigns.

Friends of the Earth continues it's Clean British Energy campaign at it's annual conference in London on the 24th of september. For the first time ever this is a joint 'conference and open day' with all welcome; you neednt be a FOE member.

UK rail fairs continue to rise(1,2) at inflation + 3% as the coallition govornment fails to integrate climate change policy goals with its policy on transport. Sustainable transport for all? Not at these prices. The Campaign for Better Transport continues its Fair Fares Campaign. Please show your support. And why not give them a few quid while you are at it?

Greenpeace's amazing international Save the Arctic campaign is growing fast--now with over a MILLION signatures!-- but like all growing projects there are growing requirements for financial support.

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Climate Change Action

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