Saturday, September 09, 2006

Report of the week (#2): Up in smoke? Latin America and the Caribbean

Up in smoke? Latin America and the Caribbean
The threat from climate change to the environment and human development

So generally with a report of the week there should be one per week. I get that.

Seems simple, unless you are sent links to two reports and they both seem worthy of attention.

This report 'Up in Smoke? Latin America and the Caribbean' is the followup to 'Up in Smoke? Africa', the conference for the launch of which had a huge influence on me last year.

The people producing these reports know what they are talking about, if you want a good description of the varous issues relating climate change and development then I highly reccomend this report.
In Peru...forced migration is a problem.
In Honduras...the weather isn't just changing its becoming erratic.

In Mexico...the fertility of the land is under threat along with the biodiversiy of the region.

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