Monday, October 23, 2006

One Misconception I Had About Climate Change

I thought I`d blog this as I suppose that many of you will be under the same impression.

I have always thought of electricity as 'The' cause of climate change, transport and industry where also there in my mind but not as strongly.

It turns out that electricity is only responsible for 22% of co2 emissions and co2 is only around 65% of ghg emissions.

The reason for my misconception is that I live in the UK, a developed nation where co2 is far more than 65% and transport and electricity are by far the largest emitters. In the developing world land use change, agricultural emissions of ch4 and n20, and emissions from cement manufacture are far larger than I had realised.

Climate change is a far more heterogeneous issue than we would like to think. An energy sector based on renewables will not in itself be sufficient to save us there are very many diverse processes that we have to deal with.

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