Monday, February 19, 2007

Communicating, Marketing and Propagandising Climate Change

Just a quick post on a topic currently of interest to me. How do we move from acceptance of a problem to active reaction against that problem, how do we encourage others to take those steps. The problem with getting society on board the fight against climate change is that:

"It would be unfair to say that the higher profile of climate and energy issues are receiving has had no impact. An opinion pole survey of thirty countries (including the US) published in April 2006 found that a large majority of people beleive that climate change is a serious problem. But any chang in attitudes is having little impact on behaviour."


This is a problem of communication, a topic dominated by the marketing industry, which if we are being honest is a consumerist propaganda sector. Well, what do climate activists have to learn. Short answer: virtually everything.

No time for the long answer but bellow are a few pieces i`m currently reading to help me understand this better; but first, this video .

Institute of Public Policy Research: Warm Words
Tyndall Centre: Is This Climate Porn? (Working Paper 98)
Chris Rose et. al.: Climate Change Communications
Simon Retallack: Communicating Climate Change (OpenDemocracy)
Futerra: New Rules New Game
Futerra: The Rules of the Game


Climate Change Action

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