Saturday, March 17, 2007

It's Also Low Carbon

It's also low carbon...
I think that "Its Also Low Carbon..." would be a great concept for an organisation promoting sustainable development, low carbon energy and efficiency.

The reason that i think this is such a good concept is that it clearly alludes to the problem of climate change but relies on other primary reasons for doing things. There are so many links between clean development, health, environmental justice, energy security, safer places to live, prosperity and climate change mitigation. Such vision based campaign focus primarily on sound policy but also embrace the concept of 'unite and conquer' as a wide range of such campaig groups could come together on a wide range of environmental, social and economic issues and gain strength through unity in fighting climate change.

(Mountain top removal west virginia.)

One example of a campaign that could use the philosophy of "Its Also Low Carbon..." would be a campaign group promoting energy efficiency and renewables in West Virginia. The campaign could promote such measures on the basis that efficiency saves money, reduces toxic emissions from coal that have health effects, lower the local environmental impact of mountain top clearence and decrease the threat of coal fired power stations that are located near to population centres: such a pro-efficiency policy also fights climate change--it's also low carbon.

The connections between low energy usage, clean energy growth and a wide range of social, economic and environmental are there for all to see. The connections only need to be made.

Apart from the obvious local environmental impact there are also many health impacts of coal fired power stations including increasing rates of asthma and other respiritory illneses. There are many medical studies on this field but 'all politics are local' and local incidences of disease often linked to coal fired power plants would be more useful than national statistics.

In some cases we have more obvious causes of concern, such as the spark for a recent resident led occupation of Govorner Manchin's (WV) office. In this case local residents where joint by climate activists in calling for a new school for the children currently attending Marsh Fork Elementary School. The state mining authorities have just granted permission for the local coal mine to build a second coal silo beside Marsh Fork Elementary School in Sundial...the second silo will add tons of coal dust to the air the kids breathe.

It all makes compact florecent lights, energy efficient products, wind power and solar look good doesnt it?

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