Friday, April 06, 2007

Freedom to report, freedom of expression? NPower and Didcot coal fired power station.

I can't quite believe this report...

Another great example of coal power, corporate power and serious erosion of basic human rights in the UK.

NPower, you are a disgrace.

More importantly, to NPower customers, if you would like to change then please consider ecotricity. I have just change, I had an NPower 'Juice' account, there green energy scheme but after this I really had to change. Basically you just have to enter your address, add give them your power bill number and fill in a direct debit form...that simple. Takes a minute and makes a point, perticularly if you send a quick email to explain why you have cancelled your account.

I personally used the following email address as it is probably better than customer services for getting attention (CSR is corporate social responsibility).

Finally, if you wan't to send a copy of your letter to someone else with influence then you might try RWE NPower CEO Andy Duff, by email: and by mail:

Any Duff
RWE Npower
Trigonos Building
Windmill Hill Business Park
Whitehill Way
Wilts SN5 6PB

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