Monday, July 16, 2007

Carbon Capture and Storage in europe (Video)

Development in "Carbon Capture and Storage" in Europe. More about ccs can be read under the CCS label bellow; including reports by the IPCC and MIT.

Global warming is one of the biggest issues of our time, the European Commission says in its description of this video report.

To meet the targets set for reducing CO2 emissions, it's widely accepted that new technology will play an important role sometimes as a "bridging technology"- while alternative sustainable energy sources are being developed.

One of the most promising technologies is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). This a means of capturing CO2 from sources such as power plants, compressing the CO2 and storing it away safely in geological formations underground or under the seabed instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

The video report shows: A CCS project under construction at a lignite power plant run by the energy company Vattenfall at Schwarze Pumpe, south of Berlin, An EU backed carbon storage project at Ketzin in Germany, A North Sea oil field run by the Norwegian company Statoil which was the first place in the world to begin CCS on a commercial basis, How both the EU and the US are working hard to develop the Carbon Capture and Storage technology.

Interviews with key figures including: Staffan Görtz, Vattenfall Professor Frank Schilling GFZ National Research Centre for Geo-Sciences Matti Vainio, Energy & Environment Unit, DG Environment, European Commission Boyden Gray, US Ambassador to the EU Arve Thorvik Statoil, Statoil Sleipner West gas rig

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