Saturday, July 21, 2007

Confronting Climate Change (Carnegie Council Podcast)

I love the blurb about this podcast, the speaker is described as an optimist, this is justified by the fact that he thinks we can avoid climate change becoming a 'complete catastrophe'. In uncertain situations views on outcomes are determined more by personality than by anything else, but i lean towards the thought that not believing climate change is going to be at least a very serious problem is starting to look not just optimistic but like naive wishful thinking. The most important uncertainties have been reduced and the scope of the challenge is daunting for almost anyone with a true grasp of the picture.

From The Carnegie Council [on foreign relations] podcast.

Michael Oppenheimer explains (MP3) climate change and discusses ways to deal with this mounting crisis. A self-described optimist, he believes that we can change our behavior and prevent complete catastrophe.

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Climate Change Action

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