Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Go green or else!" : Radio show on more effective communication.

'Go green or else' is the mock title of this interesting radio 4 show.

How can people be persuaded to change there behaviour so that it aligns with simple little things like not destroying the planet?

Program (MP3) and transcript (.txt) available for download.

And the lineup is stellar!

Taking part in order of appearance:

David Miliband,
formerly Environment Secretary, now Foreign Secretary

Ruth Lea
Director of the Centre for Policy Studies

Andrew Simms
Policy Director, New Economics Foundation

Solitaire Townsend
Director of Futerra

John Leaman
Director of Environmental Research, ‘Ipsos Mori

Andrew Cooper
Director of the polling organisation ‘Populus

David Madden
Campaign Coordinator for The Rising Tide Coalition

Miranda Lewis
Associate Director, Institute for Public Policy Research

Tim Jackson
Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Surrey

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