Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hansen to Brown & Merkel: Keep Coal In The Ground

James Hansen, Chief Scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Institute, and perennial thorn in the side of climate skeptics everywhere continues his energetic campaign to educated policy makers on climate science; and increasingly getting off the fence and reccomending policies. The main one being: keep coal in the ground keep the lithosphere out the atmosphere.

In the email bearing his latest joint letter to Angela Merkel and Gordon Brown he writes.

It seems to me that the nearness of climate tipping points has become
clear. What needs to be communicated is the fact that a successful
strategy to avoid climate disasters depends principally upon achieving a
phase-out of emissions from coal (and avoiding emissions from unconventional
fossil fuels). These goals are achievable, but they have to be recognized

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At 6:36 AM, Blogger Chervil said...

Yes, and that is exactly the problem - on the one hand, both Merkel and Brown have spoken out and helped make climate change a major international issue, pushing for significant emission cut targets (albeit not big enough to really solve the problem), on the other hand there is the political and economic reality on the ground which requires changes on a massive scale. The question is how much support politicians get on the ground, that is from their own population, to implement a real change.


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