Thursday, February 28, 2008

Campaign to get the PM to address the nation on climate change.

I just recieved the following email:
A grassroots campaign to get the PM to address the nation on the big issue...

To find out more, visit - you don't have to be a Facebook member to view the page.
To sign up, visit - just give your details, you'll get an email back straight away, click the link in the email and you're done.

We're aiming to get 100,000 signatories to the petition so please forward details of the campaign on to anyone who you think might be interested. Once we've reached our target, we'll launch a media campaign to ensure that our message doesn't go unheard.

In my response to the email list i explained my reasons for supporting the effort:

Hi All,

Just to say that i have signed my name on to this, i think that it is a really good idea. I`m hopefull that others will feel the same and that this will take off.

Recently several people have made the case for an emergency agenda on climate change. Moving this whole issue back from 2050 to 2008. The govornment keep wondering why people wont change their behaviour--isnt the rehtoric strong enought!? But that is preciesly the point, thegovornment has done nothing to suggest that the war on climate change is infact even real. Where are the troops, where are the resources for us to take this on together. In short,. where is the leadership that would encourage solidarity?

I would like to see Gordon Brown give this address to start just such a campaign. Please pass on the email bellow and mention it on any websites/blogs/myspace pages that you may have.



Climate Change Action

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