Saturday, May 10, 2008

Climate Camp Meeting in London: I nearly got arrested!

Just got a wireless signal in Greenpeace HQ, so i`m sharing my little bit of drama. The national climate camp meeting often attracts a good police presence and today is no exception. Probably about eight police officers outside, i found the building due to a police van going down the right street.

I`m helping with the welcome desk and also headed outside to lower the initimidation factor of a group of police officers with cameras and leaflets. Talk about criminalisation!

After about half an hour I walked in front of a camera a few times to stop some people getting photographed. This isn't illegal, if i`d used my hands to block the lens of the camera, that would be. However, this is an argument for court, I was cautioned and asked for my name and address. If I failed to give these I would be arrested for failing to provide details for a caution.

Basically, it would have been a joke at court, and may well not have got to that, however they would have detained me for 6 hours and got my details. Doomed by a system slanted in favour of the police I gave my details.  They may well find this site, i thught they already had, so hello police people, glad to see that there isn't any serious or menacing crime in London.


Climate Change Action

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