Tuesday, May 27, 2008

step one...

As the G8 fudges setting GHG reduction targets and the UK prepares to cave in to the motoring lobby after protests from road hauliers and nervous marginal MPs, Drax covers its arse with a biomass figleaf and Barcelona is forced to import Water from France as the whole region dries up and cracks into lifeless chunks . Meanwhile Brazil's Environment minister gives up the thankless task of defending the rainforest from Big Business in fatigue and disgust.

The good news is that now NASAs Mars lander can thoroughly investigate the chances of life on a barren, airless rock, we can plan for Earth's future on the basis of solid scientific evidence.

On a more positive note - the Germans have finally identified and banned the pesticides decimating their (and everyone else's) bee-hives, Barrats have started building affordable (?) eco-homes and a summit of world leaders in Rome calls for the establishment of a world food fund to address the ever- growing food crisis that their policies have created.




It transpires that even the alarmists are now deeply alarmed. All hands on deck.

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