Friday, February 27, 2009

UK faces criminal charges of 'conspiracy to build coal power plants'

Campaigners from around the world have condemned the UK govornments plan for new coal power plants. Reaching a global deal on climate change, they say, is nearly impossible if developed nations cant move away from the most polluting form of energy know to man.

Campaigners in 40 countries say UK's proposed new coal power plants will undercut emission deals.

A report in The Guardian argues that a global protest against UK plans to build new coal power plants has been launched by campaigners from more than 40 developing countries accusing the government of being a 'climate criminal'. They have written an open letter to Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband that follows repeated warnings from UK groups that the decisions to approve new coal power plants and the expansion of Heathrow airport would damage the nation's position in international negotiations when it tries to persuade other countries to cut global-warming emissions, says the report. The groups oppose the current plans to build coal plants with no equipment for carbon capture and storage, and existing proposals for a 'demonstration' of the technology are inadequate, said the World Development Movement, the UK-based poverty campaigning charity which coordinated the letter.
After giving Heathrow the go ahead (and no i for one have no plans to accept that!) this govornment is desperately low on credibility on climate change. Will they blow it all by allowing eon to build kingsnorth?

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