Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guardian Climate Summit 2008: Climate Destroyer as Major Sponsor

The Guardian has generally been very sympathetic to the Climate Camp. The Guardian has always had a strong editorial line on climate change and many readers sypathise with our activities. One of our main activities has been an ongoing campaign against eon. As eon are planning the first new coal plant in 30 years at Kingsnorth in Kent I think that our motivation is quite transparent; allowing new coal development in the developed world is not only damaging on our own climate targets but also on our credibility and on the climate negotiations as a whole. eon try to distract from this hugely distructive role that they are playing by--i kid you not--putting a few solar pannels on a coal plant! The Guardian recently ripped this to shreads.

Given the sympathy towards us, and the antipathy towards our targets it is somewhat baffling to see that rather than inviting Climate Campers along to there climate change summit for our take on the challenge ahead, they invite eon to become a major sponsor!

Finally it may be worth noting that eon's head office has been visited and protested by: Climate Camp, People and Planet, Christian Aid...and possibly a few others. Civil society in the UK is united against this company but The Guardian feels able to sell them some much needed credibility.

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