Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd UK Coal Mine Occupation in Two Weeks

A press release sent ouy by activists occupying Blair House Open Cast Coal Site says that the latest occupation started last night:

"Last night twenty five activists occupied the site of the Blair House OpenCast
Coal Site in solidarity with near-by communities and in directintervention of
the environmental destruction that it will cause."

The other recent site of occupation is the Defend Huntington Lane camp (twitter) in shropshire. Both of these occupations come around two months after the eviction of Mainshill Solidarity Camp in South Lanarkshire.

One of the interesting aspects of the press release sent out by activists is their sympathy for local councillors who despite local opposition dare not refuse planning permission for the mine:

"The Council, in their defence, wouldn't dare refuse another open cast
coal mine application after their refusal of ATH Resources mine at Muir
Dean on the insistence of Crossgates residents, was overturned by the
government and cost them financially."

A similar situation occoured in my temporary home of Brentford west London where an unpopular development was opposed by many in the council but where the legal costs of refusing planning and loosing on appeal prevented the council from acting in the interests of the local population.

Campaigners use 3 main arguments against the mine:

  • Impacts on local people.
  • Impacts on the local environment.
  • Impacts on climate change and meeting our carbon emissions reduction targets.
Campaign website: Black Wood Solidarity Camp
Press Contact: 07806926040

  • Article about the occupation: STV.

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