Monday, October 30, 2006

Stern Report: The Economics of Climate Change (Full Text)

It's finally out...all 800 pages of it, the Stern Review into the Economics of Climate Change. It has already been described by Tony Blair as the most important report his govornment has Comissioned.

Sir Nicholas Stern Interviewed about the report.

Executive Summary: 700 pages in only 27! The best short report i have read in some time, highly reccomended.

Part I: Climate change: our approach (Chapters 1-2)
Part II: Impacts of climate change on growth and development (Chapters 3-6)
Part III: The economics of stabilisation (Chapters 7-13)
Part IV: Policy responses for mitigation (Chapters 14-17)
Part V: Policy responses for adaptation (Chapters 18-20)
Part VI: International collective action (Chapters 21-27)

Some Background and Economic Critiques

Some Pre-Publication press coverage.

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Climate Change Action

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