Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Thinking of jetting off on holiday, perhaps even an eco-holiday?

Aviation, the most destructive industry known to man? A return flight to Australia can emmit more greenhouse gasses than an average UK citizen creates in a year. Considering the average uk citisen emmits 5 or 6 times as much carbon dioxide as would be allowed under an equitable climate settlement this seems to be a large and unjustifiable climate crime.

12 tonnes co2 equivalent for one holiday? when the essentials of life can be provided for in less than a tonne (and frequently are done in the developing world).

That is a unjust contibution to the climate crisis and on what amounts to a luxury this is perticularly hard to justify to those already dying from the effects of climate change, and those who will suffer in time.

The strength of this injustice is difficult to express in words...fortunately Charlie Galespie has given in a go but using art. If you are interested in using these images he can be contacted on charlie_55 {at} hotmail.com

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