Friday, November 17, 2006

Wind farm NIMBYism alive and well in UK

Back in 2004 when there wasn't much happening on the Greenpeace front, the heroic Shaun (Area Networker for Essex) led a heroic charge into Kent to mobilise people to campaign on behalf of the Thames Array windfarm.

Loads of letter's got signed, lots of fun was had and the London, Essex & Kent networks combined to support what promises to be the UK's largest Offshore Windfarm

That development is now under threat as a bunch of NIMBY's in Swale have rejected planning permission for the onshore substation.

If you would like to take action to do something about this.

1) Go to the greenpeace website and take e-action. (about 30 seconds work)

2) Organise a day trip to Swale to campaign to get the Council to change it's mind. Use the above email to run off some letters, print up some petitions whatever.

3) If you think the Thames Array is relevant to Londoners, get out on the streets of London to get stuff done? or if you're out anyway on a Decentralised Energy stall, why not takes some too.

4) Drop me an email, and I'll pull some events together

If you live in the UK near london then please spread this message around on any lists you are a member of and your blog if you have one.

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