Monday, February 19, 2007

Audio of the Week: Can Fossil Fuels Be Sustainable?

Radio Ecoshock: Can fossil fuels be sustianable?

There is an interesting discussion about the continuing role of fossil fuels in this program from Radio Ecoshock. Not all of the points stand up, there have been several reports recently about significant (50-60%) cuts in C02 emissions by 2050 but some good points are made.

It looks very likely to me that we can get a long way towards a low carbon economy in the nessicary time frame, but that shortage of fosil fuels will not lead us this way. The pressure will have to come from policy measures.

I think that there is a future for fossil fuels in this century, but disagree with the scale of this future portrayed in the linked audio but a future seems inveitable, perticularly for Asian usage of coal. In the long term fossil fuels are not sustainable and they are certainly not disireable.

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