Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Website of the Week: ISET

This week the website which I would like to draw some attention to is that of ISET.

According to the website:

ISET is an international partnership for implementation, education and research on natural resources & the environment.

More plainly, they are an organisation who have produced reports on water management, adaptation to increased risk of flooding, and the policies required for combining development and adaptation to climate change.

In general many developing nations, perticularly those not as far along the path of development as china, see adaptation to climate change as there big challenge. Looking at the growth of some of these nations will lead many in the west to hope that this will change. The continuing widespread poverty in many areas of Asia, is perhaps masked by such gross statistics as GDP growth that we are bombared with.

Combining clean development with adaptation is becoming more a more an more urgent issue, and is gaining support. A couple of the key organisations in this field of research are TERI (India) and BCAS (Bangladesh), both of whom contribute to a recent report published in
conjunction with ISET.

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