Monday, March 12, 2007

Can Cap and Trade Cut Carbon? (New York Academy of Sciences)

Cap and trade is emerging as the de facto method of climate protection. But it has it's critics, can it really work at the rate required? How can it be implemented most effectively.
With one dynamic moderator and two dynamic speakers bringing valuable information and insight to the table, the November 9, 2006, panel held at the Academy would have been a success even if no questions had been invited from the floor. But questions were invited, and the invitation unleashed a vigorous response from attendees, who not only posed penetrating queries but also added strong views of their own. With those exchanges, the audience became a fourth important contributor to the proceedings.
Speaker one: Luis G. Martinez (Audio and Slides)

Speaker two: Véronique Bugnion (Audio and Slides)

Exchange with audiance (Audio)

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At 12:24 AM, Blogger Alex Smith said...

When I went to hear the audio, it says for members only. Is there a way around this - or a member willing to record the audio and pass it on - to me, or others?
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