Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wild Fires: Not caused by climate change!

Yesterday, i posted two short pieces about what i thought was the link between climate change and wildfires. One of these pieces featured a video in which the head of the US Fire Service, stated that the number of fires and there magnitude had increased drastically in the last 20 years. The other piece showed a summary of research into fires that appeared to indicate a stronger than expected link between climate change and wild fires.

But my failure to realise that these people are taking us for saps was corrected just half an hour ago thanks to NewsBusters. This organisation that fights to remove the liberal bias from the media has release a couple of statements attacking the climate-fire link. And yes, they are just like GhostBusters but rather than destroying threatening spirits from the afterlife they attempt to destroy threatening news stories than may attack industry vested interests.

The best headline being: "Scientists Disagree With Media Blaming Wildfires on Global Warming".But still the liberal media continue!
"Fires are burning hotter and bigger, becoming more damaging and dangerous to people and to property," U.S. Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell said. "Each year the fire season comes earlier and lasts longer."
What does she know, she is only the Forest Service Chief! There is more of that sort of nonsense on Grist which has a extensive post on the speculative climate-fire link. Climate alarmists at Science Daily are also at it, contending that unless we change our ways and live in a cave (or a solar heated house with decent insulation) we will experience these fires at increasing frequency.

It's time for industry to take back the media, there was a time when catastrophes like this passed by without anyone connecting the dots or making scare statements such as:

"We're showing warming and earlier springs tying in with large forest fire frequencies. Lots of people think climate change and the ecological responses are 50 to 100 years away. But it's not 50 to 100 years away -- it's happening now in forest ecosystems through fire."
It's all scare mongering!

[UPDATE] Some typical liberal scare mongerers!

Bill McKibben on Democracy Now

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