Friday, December 07, 2007

CNU 2007 Transport Summit: Video

Last month i attended the Congress for New Urbanims transportation summit. Finally, the video is available. These two clips present some highlights and the full unedited video is availalbe bellow that.

CNU Transportation Summit Highlights: 1 of 2

CNU Transportation Summit Highlights: 2 of 2

This video covers:

Street Design Manual Comparison: 3 examples – each organization presents their respective manual and gives a brief explanation.
9:30-9:50am Marcy McInelly & Norman Garrick
CNU-ITE manual-Major UrbanThoroughfares
9:50- 10:10am Andy Cameron presenting the UK manual for streets and design codes as an implementation tool
10:10-10:30am Ellen Greenberg presenting the West Australian Liveable Neighborhoods Code -street standards component Australia-manual.
This video has an error and will be updated shortly (b)

This video covers:

11:00-11:45am Michelle Dix, Managing Director of Planning, at TFL, former director of Congestion Charging Design Challenges- Current and Future Reforms, Street Patterns and Hierarchy –challenging conventional transport modeling and “predict and provide”. An overview of TfL's role & responsibilities Review of Congestion Charging successes/failures & unforeseen consequences of the scheme Talk tailored to cover street-level modal share and design-led innovation
11:45am-12:00pm Alain Chiaradia, Space Syntax
Alain will discuss Network Connectivity and the Space Syntax approach to
structure analysis and distribution and mix of uses according to key movement
This video covers:

Transportation and the Carbon Challenge
13:45pm-13:55pm Jacky Grimshaw to introduce the afternoon
13:55pm-14:15pm Norman Garrick framing the afternoon
Introduction to LEED for Neighborhood Developments (LEED ND)
14:15pm-14:45pm Hank Dittmar, Chief Executive, Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment. Hank will discuss the BRE analysis scores 85% for Sherford on Eco Rating – presentation of methodology; how this project inform LEED ND Policy lever of Climate Change.

This video covers:

Shared Space Integrating Design and Placemaking
10:45am-11:15am Q&A Hans Monderman, Ben Hamilton-Baillie, Daniel Moylan
11:15-11:30 BREAK
11:30-12:00pm Stephen Marshall, transportation planner and urban designer, will discuss how zoning and modernist principles have created street designs for cars, and not people. New street designs that promote access and connectivity will be
discussed as necessary alternatives.
12:00-12:30pm Lucinda Gibson, Vice President, Smart Mobility Regional Modeling and Network Functional Classification
12:30- 1:00pm Yodan Rofe will address the role of major streets as urban places and creators of a continuous urban fabric, using the "pedestrian realm" as the basis for a new paradigm in urban street design. He will show examples of transforming urban roads from mere traffic conductors into great streets and generators of urbanity.

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