Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tiempo Climate Newsletters #64 and #65

The latest two issues, #64 & 65, of Tiempo: I like to pick these up at they are released so sorry about that delay. The Tiempo newsletter focuses on adaptation and development in the global south. The publication is a joint project of IIED and SEI.

Issue 65 Contents:

  • National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPA). (Mohazurul Alam)
  • The Sudanese NAPA. (Sumaya Ahmed ZakiEldeen and Nagmeldin Goutbi Elhassan)
  • NAPA priorities to policies. (Bubu Pateh Jallow and Thomas Downing)
  • Leassons learned in Africa. (Balgis Osman-Elasha and Thomas Downing)

Issue 64 Contents:
  • Flooding and the urban poor. (Ian Douglas et. al.,)
  • Climate risk integration. (Bert Koenders)
  • Adaptation targets. (Ian Tellam)
  • Community Adaptation. (Roger Jones and Atiq Rahman)
  • Roadmap for Adaptation (Gary Yohe)

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