Sunday, March 30, 2008


The likely text of a flyer to be distributed around FA headqauters on Fossil Fools Day (April 1st):

Football is our national sport. Standing for passion, excitement and fair play, the beautiful game rightly has a place at the heart of our nation.

Unfortunately, the beautiful game currently has an ugly sponsor, German based E-ON. Soon E-ON are to start building the UK's first new coal powered power station in over 20 years; using distinctly unexciting technology that has existed for a hundred years. Electricity production from coal it is currently cheap and dirty. One of the main reasons that coal is cheap is that the costs of local health impacts and global environmental damage are paid by the tax payer and the poor, not but buy the operating company.

Coal produces twice the climate changing emissions that natural gas does, but with the added extra of sulphur, mercury and other polluting chemicals. In fact there are new technologies that solve many of these problems but E-ON has lobbied successfully against cleaning up its act. In many ways E-ON represents fair play in the same way that Maradona does!

We oppose E-ON using it's sponsorship of our national sport to clean up its dirty image. Perhaps you agree that making shareholders rich, at the expense of local communities who suffer an increased risk of Asthma near coal plants is hardly a healthy choice of sponsor! In fact, we think that it is a FU CUP.

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