Thursday, August 14, 2008

100 Months To Achieve Our Emissions Reductions

At the camp for climate action one idea that was certainly doing the rounds is that we only have 100 months to bring the planets emissions down to a level where they can be absorbed by natural systems. I`ve just traced this idea back to a website called which basically acts as the home to a new report (PDF) on tackling climate change. Word started to spread about this idea via The Guardian, and is now being helped along by emails and posters--the template for which can be downloaded from the website. Another interesting report (PDF) using the 100 months idea and from the same group of people is by a group calling themselves the Green New Deal Group...a very interesting enterant into the UK climate change arena.

Anyone interested in the science behind these ideas should check out EcoEquity, James Hansen or Malte Meinhausen for starters. I can send pdf's if that would be helpful.

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Climate Change Action

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