Monday, November 17, 2008

Online Coal Battle

So quite a few website seem to have joined the online coal battle against eon, all attempting to get well up the google search rankings for the term 'eon'.

Also, we now have a groovy button advertising our participation in the EON Face Off (online). Why not save the logo to your desktop and then add it to your blog.

The list of supporting websites includes:

  1. Coal Action Network
  2. Climate Change Action
  3. Green Ladywell
  4. Stuarts Big Green Spot
  5. Punk Science
  6. Eon CSR Blog
  7. Suitably Desparing
  8. Head Herritage
  9. If Just Today Where to Be My Entire Life
  10. Wikipedia
  11. Rising Tide
  12. Lazy Environmentalist
  13. WISE Women
  14. A Daisy Through Concrete
  15. Bristling Badger
  16. Anglo Budhist Combine
  17. Green Pepper
  18. Green Pepper Blog
  19. Coventry Green Voice
  20. Greenpeace Coal Power Page (a couple of times)
  21. The Quite Road
  22. Johnny Rook's Climaticide Cronicles
  23. Dreamflesh
  24. Kimondo
  25. Stop Climate Chaos (news section)
  26. Philips Live Journal
  27. South Lakeland Action on Climate Change
  28. Goldfish Nation
  29. Its not web 2.0
  30. Adf and Ludy
  31. smashboredom livejournal
  32. 5 lobes and 2 fissures (a couple of times)
  33. Grahams Grumbles
  34. itsgettinghotinhere
  35. Silwood Green Club
  36. Poznan Climate Blog (Christian Aid)
  37. Scotland Against New Coal
  38. Dilated Choonz
  39. YANC
  40. Green Blog
  42. Turnfront
  43. eon foff
  44. corporate watch
  45. NEF tripple crunch blog
  46. Satellite360
  47. Sunsmith Live Journal

And a new section, press coverage:

  1. The west moorland gazette.
  2. Huck Magazine

The best way to join in is simply to copy and paste this text (keeping the formating).

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Climate Change Action

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