Tuesday, December 02, 2008

MUST READ: Climate Safety (An Update on the Latest Climate Science)

Basing policies and capaigns on outdated information is not likely to lead to positive outcomes. Thats where this report comes in.

The ‘Climate Safety’ report gives a simple summary of the latest science, delivering a clear message that to have any chance of maintaining a safe climate, we must rapidly decarbonise our society, preserve global sinks, and address the problem with an unprecedented degree of seriousness.

Even with a commitment to 80% carbon cuts by 2050, “Climate Safety” warns that our current policy response does not match up to the scale of the challenge.

Get you climate science knowledge bang up to date with this report by well respected UK group PIRC. I think that George Monbiot's puts it better than i could:

“You cannot overstate the importance of this report: it has opened my eyes to levels of climate risk far beyond those of which I was aware. Crisp, clear-headed and profoundly shocking, this report should be read immediately by everyone who cares.”


Climate Change Action

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At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting !!

Annie Bankss
Save Our Planet


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