Friday, January 02, 2009

Outrage gives us hope?

The text of a leaflet for an anti-war march.
An occupied land, a downtrodden people, a flicker of resistance, a sustained and indiscriminate air assault.

It is sometimes hard to comprehend the arrogance of the Israili state. The hatred that this engenders is equally difficult to fully comprehend.

The eminent solubility of the situation makes the problem even more emotionally agonizing. Just what will it take for the USA to see that it's massive and unquestioning support for Israel is benefiting no one?

Palestine has one hope, however. That hope is our indignation, our unwillingness to accept a state of permanent violence and intimidation as some sort of insane status quo. Both Israelis and Palestinians deserve better than violence without end. Those pictures of American fighter jets dropping bomb after bomb on dense urban populations give us that drive, seeing small children carried--dead--out of the bloody aftermath inspires the world to respond. Will our response win out, that is an open question but we are not easy to ignore.

Unfortunately world leaders are also failing on issues of far broader and more lasting impact than the situation in Palestine. It is true, despite the boldness of the statement. So while Palestine is rightfully in our minds—and our placards--we must take the heartbreak and outrage of Palestine as a gift of moral insight. Can we start to imagine what sort of world we will have if we do nothing to curtail the worst of climate change? We all 'know' what sort of world this will lead us toward but can we feel outrage for those children 30 years from now being dragged out of houses flattened by strengthened storms? Can we imagine how our current government will look to the children of a planet undergoing rapid climate change?

We are waging inter-generational warfare on our children and in order to have the hope of a solution, hope that I truly feel for the people of Palestine, we need to connect emotionally with our future.

Once we have done this we can take the action needed in order to stop climate chaos. There is time for marching, a time for lobbying your mp; and now there is a time for taking direct action against the root causes of climate change.

Now is not the time for the first new coal plant in the UK for over 30 years. It's time to fight for our future. No New Coal.

We meet every Tuesday evening at 7pm at: Room V301, Vernon Square Campus School of Oriental and African Studies Penton Rise WC1X 9EW

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