Saturday, February 07, 2009

Go ahead for 900MW coal gasification plant !

According to New Energy Focus:

Energy minister Mike O'Brien granted consent yesterday for a 900MW coal
gasification plant in Hatfield, Yorkshire, which developers are hoping to turn
into a carbon capture and storage plant at a later date.

Coal gasification via IGCC may be the most practical way to create a power plant that utilises carbon capture and storage technology. However, you do have to decide before the plant is built weather you are specifying for subsequent seperation and liquification of the carbon dioxide.

I`m somewhat skeptical about weather the specifications for this plant will be suitable for ccs, but its worth a look. I just wish the govornmnet where insistent on this technology, that way we would all know that it wasnt being used as a fig leaf for dirty development.


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At 4:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all of the talk on the subject of "capture readiness" in the UK, I would expect that there would be a strict "capture ready" criterion placed on the permitting of the Hatfield IGCC plant.

Is there any information on what is being done in that regard?

For example, it may be that the original plant design should include the water-gas shift reactor in the syngas processing stream. This would add cost at first, but it would result in significant savings when the actual conversion to CO2 capture takes place.

As you say, "hoping" to capture CO2 in the future may not be enough to make it economical when it comes time to invest in the conversion.

Jacobs Consultancy in the UK has been quite an active proponent in this area. I believe that they have been involved in the project.

Harry Jaeger
Gasification Editor
Gas Turbine World Magazine


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