Friday, June 05, 2009

BAM offices invaded in protest over kingsnorth.

The headquaters of BAM have been targeted by a group of protestors complaining of it's plans to help build a new coal plant at Kingsnorth while marketing itself a "sustainable construction company".

The protestors are part of the Climate Camp movement and in particular the E.ON F.OFF campaign. E.ON are planning to build the first new coal plant in the UK for over 30 years.

“BAM Nuttall say they need this work because of the recession, but this completely misses the point. If we keep burning coal, then we’ll lose a lot more than just our jobs – people’s homes, health, food supply, and the stability of our society are all at risk from climate change. Instead, we need to build a sustainable society, powered by renewable energy from the wind, sun and tides, which will lead to better ways to live and work. We need to make sure that this transition is a fair one, actively involving workers from the energy industry. We’re hoping to have some interesting conversations with BAM staff today about all of these issues!”


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At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Kimberly Packer said...

Coal is not a sustainable resource. It is dirty and it's responsible for a a lot of pollution on the planet. It will take some time to switch over to more eco-friendly energy production, but building new coal plants should not be part of this process.

Kimberly Packer

Owner, Thorvy, LLC


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