Monday, June 22, 2009

Greenpeace blocks delivery of coal to Kingsnorth

Greenpeace board a coal freight ship on it's way to make it's delivery at Kingsnorth. EON's coal plant at Kingsnorth is the focus of campaigns by numerous organisations due to the govornments indication that a new coal plant could be built there as a replacement--the first new uk coal plant in 30 years. Govornment policy has shifted somewhat, no new and entirely unabated coal plants are going to be allowed in the UK but a coal plant with a quater of its' carbon emissions captured as is currently proposed is a long way from the plans of a sane govornment. If the govornment are keen on CCS then why dont they trial it rather than adding a token ammount of ccs to a vast polluting coal plnt which in all likelyhood will be around for 40 years?

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At 7:32 AM, Anonymous GreenFudge said...

Steps need to be taken to save our environment. Thank you for making people aware through this blog.


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