Thursday, May 29, 2008

Coal In Asia

Hi All, my blog seems to have turned into a cartoon strip, a humorous and relavent cartoon strip, but I thoght i`d post a quick update and let you all know i`m actually working on something. So here are my notes.

When I first heard of carbon capture and storage I was imediately enthusiastic. That enthusiasm was due to my concern about climate change and the appearence of what appeared to be not only a solutin but a solution that could move the coal industry from vicious and powerful enemy to saviour of the climate.

In contrast, many where horrified. They are quite happy with the coal power industry as an enemy, and they want to destroy it. There are several reasons for this including the impacts that coal has on local communities where it is mined. Indeed a recent article on treehugger found that coal power takes up more land than solar over a 25 year period due to the extensive nature of open cast mines.

So we have two very different perspectives, and some people just plain conflicted, on CCS, can they be reconciled, and if not then just what are our options in stopping the roll out of old coal?

I am helping to put together a report to answer these questions, the plan is not settled but will probably look atleast a bit like this.

At the moment i`m sifting related articles for insperation, and looking for reports as a start to the serious reading. Some of these reports are already known to me from previous posts.

I`m also reaching out to green sites to check that this major undertaking is going to have an online audiance. Kevin Granadia for DeSmog blog has just started a new coal website which he has offered a space on once we are done, i contribute from time to time on itsgetting hot in here, i`m going to meet with Chinadialogue about a possible partnership, celsias, treehugger and grist are the obvious green outlets.

Greenpeace has labbeled CCS 'false hope', and many have asked if this isn't just a huge scam, and some are not just critical but down right dismissive. On the other side MIT, the IPCC, Nicholas Stern, the Interacademy Council of Science, and many others have written boradly positive things. However i`m starting to think that even on a technical level there might be better options, reasons for that explained another time.

  • IPCC special report on CCS
  • MIT on CCS
  • Greenpeace on CCS as False Hope
  • Stern Review
  • Interacademy Council of Science: Our Enery Future
Exporting our emissions to china:

Energy and Emissions Data:

This report has been reborn in a way from a report i stated to write in late 2006. I found the following reports, of which i will now need the latest versions.

  • IEA "World Energy Outlook 2004"
  • BP "Energy Review 2006"
  • IEA "Key World Energy Stats 2006"
  • WRI "Climate Data: A Sectoral Perspective"
  • WBCSD "Pathways to 2050"

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