Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bali Climate Talks: Campaigns & Lobbying; Leed Up; Blogs and Live Coverage

I have created a 'Backgrounder' for those interested in the UNFCCC Bali Climate Talks (COP/MOP).

Firstly i list some of the resources for information during the talks. Mainstream media are useless, usually absent or scant on details. I rundown a list of bloggers from the talks, along with the official coverage provided by International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Climate Action Network.

Secondly i run down the political developments and reports published in the run up to the conference.

Finally i highlight some of the campaigning and lobbying currently being organised by NGO's, businesses and wider civil society.

All posts on the bali climate conference can be found here.

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Climate Change Action

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At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

increasing droughts throughout the world. climate sensitivity higher than scientists had previously estimated. permafrost of Northern hemisphere is thawing out. microbes are turning that dead plant matter into CO2 and methane. Now that's what I call a weapon of mass destruction! Can you say yedoma?

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