Monday, March 12, 2007

Climate Change: Latin and South America

I thought i`d take a look at Latin America and climate change. I havent written on this before so it makes a nice change, an i`m intending to write an article for Temas on this topic.

It's remarkably difficult to find information about the region that dosent originate from outwith. This information is perfectly valid but it's difficult to be sure that it reflects the concerns of the people who live in the region and face the local manifestations of climate change.

Climate change as an issue has several angles: Causes; Environmental and Human Impacts, and Solutions. These are not seperate by any means but worthy of individaul aswell as join inspection.

Background on Latin America can be found here, a list of the main relavent climate change issues can be found here. My previous relavent content can be found under the southamerica label.

A few resources that are relavent to this area.

  • Latin America's (natural and human) contribution to climate change.
  1. Fosil Fuel Usage C2,C4,C5,
  2. Deforestation and Fires C1,C2,C3,C6,C7
  • Environmental and Human impacts of climate change in Latin America. (Map:which nationshave assesed this?)
  1. Impact on farming. I1,I5,I8,A3
  2. Impact on health. I1,I8,A3
  3. Impact on economy. I2,I5,I6,I7,A3
  4. Impact on environment. I1,A3
  5. Impact of rising sea levels. I3,A3
  6. Impact of migration. I4,A3
  • Some possible ways to mitigate climate change contributions and adapt to inevitable impacts.
  1. Protecting forests. M1,M2
  2. Alternatives to Oil, Coal and Gas.M2,M3
  3. Adaptation of climate change.A1,A2,A3,

Some good sites with more information.

  1. Amazon Watch
  2. Carribean Environmental Health Institute
  3. The Panos Institute of the Carribean
  4. Adaptation days at COP 11

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Climate Change Action

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At 2:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurricane Katrina dominated news headlines around the world in 2005, but, as the report documents, other hurricanes and extreme events in the region have gone largely unreported. The report confirms that largely regular and predictable temperature and rainfall patterns, are changing, becoming less predictable and often more extreme. It catalogues the impact of climate change and environmental degradation ranging from drought in the Amazon to floods in Haiti and elsewhere; vanishing glaciers in Colombia to extreme cold in the Andes; and hurricanes, not only in Central America and the Caribbean, but also in southern Brazil. Across the region the capacity of natural ecosystems to act as buffers against extreme weather events and other shocks is being undermined leaving people more vulnerable.

At 1:14 AM, Blogger Dave Riley said...

Thats' a useful resource you have offered on LA but shouldn't you also be reviewing the environmental campaigns now being engineered such as in Cuba (as explored in the documentary "The Power of Community -How Cuba Survived Peak Oil"). Also in Venezuela with Mission Tree. I've begun to archive stuff in that mode on my blog .You should carry more stuff on what these countries are doing in the face of massive problems.

By the way, I think yours in a great blog/ wonderful resource / compulsory reading & watching & listening.

At 12:18 PM, Blogger Calvin Jones said...

Hi Dave,

Last point first, glad you like the blog. Please support the global climate campaign (banners,sidabard ads and promotinal materials on sidebar).

Other point; shouldn't you also be reviewing the environmental campaigns now being engineered such as in Cuba?

Well i`m resistant to accept that any of this is a responsibility of mine...there are many things besides this blog that i am more responsible for and that deserve greater attention!

However, I think that you are right about the importance of promoting campaigns and movements that are having success. I will try and do something on this area in the future.

At 4:52 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Well, I think Calvin does a great job and I very much look forward to his guest post on The Temas Blog. This post on resources regarding Latin America and climate change is quite good, and as usual, Calvin finds resources I had not yet stumbled across myself, even though I focus on LAC & environment full-time (bows head in shame). For some other LAC-related climate change resources, check out my list on this post.

At 2:31 AM, Blogger Calvin Jones said...

IPCC Fourth Assesment Report (4AR) on climate change is a superb document. A definet starting place for people ith an interest in latin america and climate change.

Section on Latin America


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